J. Flynn Newtons ColorLimited

J. Flynn Newton is the alias for the german photographer J. F. Novotny, who made his first steps in taking pictures at the early age of 6 years - with his first camera, an Agfa Silette I which he still owns. Further photography became an important part in his life.

With his minimalistic series ColorLimited J. Flynn Novotny - well known for his CameraSelfies - celebrates the beauty of just one color.

Besides that J. Novotny wants to share a part of his work of the last 40 years with his main internet presence  Light upon my Face: moments he captured on his journeys around the world, mainly Europe, North and South America.

Today J. Novotny lives in Germany where he – besides his activities as photographer – works as designer in his own agency vivia. Besides commissional works for german and european companies his works can be seen in regular exhibitions as well as selected internet platforms:

Saatchi Online Artist
( saatchionline.com/flynnnewton)
Aristoprint Gallery
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LensCulture Artist
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Gallery on Stern VIEW
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J. F. Novotny at World Photography Organisation WPO
( www.worldphoto.org/profile/novotny/)
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( artsy.net/artist/jf-novotny)

J. Flynn Newton alias J. Novotny (tribute to Irving Penn)
J. Flynn Newton alias J. Novotny (tribute to Irving Penn)
ColorLimited: Exhibition situation
ColorLimited: Exhibition situation
ColorLimited #5 - Green
ColorLimited #5 - Green