J. Flynn Newtons ColorLimited

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."
Edgar Degas

Monochrome... or: the beauty of just one color.

How do the various colors influence our mood, what is the impact of Red, Green, Violet? And what happens when seemingly everyday objects try to camouflage themselves and begin to merge with their backgrounds? This time photographer J. F. Novotny - known for his  CameraSelfies - combines colors, backgrounds and sometimes absurd items …resulting in beautiful, shouting, contemplative, minimalistic and often grotesque still lives.

By capturing his painting like still lifes in different shades of a single color, photographer J. Flynn Novotny coincidentally hides and exaggerates his minimalistic subjects: vases filled with unusual, almost bizarre objects which - in comparison to usual lifestyle accessories - catch the spectator's view.

Colorimited:ISO by Jürgen Novotny @ inspirationgrid March 2019

ColorLimited:ISO Photography Series by Jürgen Novotny

ColorLimited:ISO is a new minimalist series by Germany-based photographer Jürgen Novotny, combining different ideas from his previous projects. ...
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Colorlimited:ISO by Jürgen Novotny @ inspirationgrid March 2019